DCL 5.6 Instruction | Hebrews Chapter 12

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor and Shaun Blakeney, Student Ministry Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida


Hebrews 12 develops the theme of endurance. The first three verses teach us that the key to persis­tence is passion. All the men and women of faith in Hebrews 11 made it successfully to the finish line because of their passionate commitment to the cause. The verses remind us that we must run the race of life with endurance if we plan to finish well. The text also indicates that if the key to persistence is passion, then the key to passion is purpose. We must run with purpose, not aimlessly.

The key to purpose is perspective. The writer of Hebrews admonishes us to consider three things that will help our perspective and our ability to finish well:


1.  Consider them (v.1). A great cloud of witnesses has run the race before us.

2.  Consider ourselves (v.1). We must avoid pitfalls and encumbrances.

3.  Consider Jesus (vv. 2, 3). We must keep our eyes on Jesus, our perfect example.


Biblical Case Study: Adam and Eve (Genesis 4:1-5:5)

Adam and Eve were the crowning masterpieces of God’s creative genius. Like a master potter, He fashioned them from the dust of the ground, left His fingerprints upon them, and breathed His own life into them. But they willfully disobeyed him. Their disobedience brought devastating consequenc­es that continue to plague us today. Their failure brought the curse of sin and death upon the entire human family. Did anyone ever fail so miserably with such far-reaching negative results?

They exchanged a life without pain for a hostile and brutal environment. They became the parents of a murderer and were the first parents to endure the heartache of a murdered child. There is every reason to label them as the worst of failures. However, they did not use their pain as an excuse to con­tinue to reject God. They did not allow a root of bitterness to consume them. When God gave them their son Seth, they expressed gratitude to God for this new life. They came to represent those willing to accept the consequences of their choices and to learn from their mistakes.



  •  In what current or future situation can you begin to apply the lessons you have learned from past mistakes? What is your plan to succeed in these situations?

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