DCL 1.6 Inspiration | Passing the Leadership Test

Outline of Session

  • Jesus: The best leader in human history
  • Five Tests for a Potential Leader (Luke 5)
  1. The “Bias Toward Action” Test (Luke 5:3)
  2. The “Can You Follow Direction?” Test (Luke 5:4)
  3. The “Who Deserves the Credit?” Test (Luke 5:8)
  4. The “Grander Vision” Test (Luke 5:10)
  5. The “Will You Leave It?” Test (Luke 5:11)
  • Commit to using these tests to assess your own leadership


Conference Session by Bill Hybels

(Try and make space to watch to this session in one sitting.)


1. Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away.


2. In the list below:

  • Write down the names of some potential leaders you’d like to develop.
  • Next, indicate which tests you think they have passed by writing a “P” in the appropriate box, and which tests you do not think they have passed by writing an “X”.
  • If you’re unable to assess them in a particular test, write down how you plan to give them the test and by when.  If you think they have failed a test, decide your course of action (eg. Test them again, have an honest conversation with them about that area, take them off the list).


3. After everyone is finished filling out the chart, have each person either:

  • Explain which test they intend to give to a potential leader, how they plan to give the test, and by when; or
  • Name a potential leader they believe has passed all the tests.


4. Select one person from the team.  Then have each team member affirm him or her by sharing which test(s) they have seen that person pass well.  Repeat this exercise for the rest of the team.


5. Optional: Individually assess the current key leaders in your ministry. Determine which test areas are their strengths and which ones may need improvement.


6. Review the notes and discussions from this session, and as a team, write down your team’s top one or two takeaways.  Next, records what action step(s) should be taken as a result, as well as who will be responsible and the due date.


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