DCL 3.6 Instruction | Roadblocks in Generosity

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

Many Christian leaders struggle as they travel on the road toward generosity. Their journey toward stewardship maturity seems very slow. Here are some possible obstacles they encounter on the pathway:

  • Self-reliance – lack of surrender.
  • Self-centeredness – lack of humility.
  • Fear – lack of trust.
  • Doubt – lack of faith.
  • Indifference – lack of obedience.
  • Complacency – lack of vision.
  • Apathy – lack of passion.
  • Procrastination – lack of discipline.
  • Confusion – lack of information.


How to Overcome the Roadblocks to Generosity

In order to overcome these roadblocks on the generosity journey, we must…

  • Surrender our lives fully to Christ.
  • See a lost world through His eyes.
  • Diligently study and obey His Word.
  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Stay focused on Christ and His Great Commission.


God’s Generous Plan

When we understand the giving nature of our God, we begin to see the plan He has designed for us as generous givers. Think about it… He provides all our resources.

1.  His Word guides us in how to manage these resources wisely.

2.  We can experience the joy of giving.

3.  We can be His partners in Great Commission outreach.

4.  We can lay up treasures in heaven.

5.  We can spend eternity with Him and those we helped to reach with His salvation message.


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