DCL 2.5 Meditation | Living with an Attitude of Community

A message by John Ortberg.

You can choose one of the two ways to go through life. You can choose to embrace people and live in community with an open heart or you can choose to exclude God and people and do life on your own. Living for yourself is a one-way ticket to loneliness, misery, and embitterment. However, when you live with others, you learn to serve and celebrate with a loving heart. Accept people as flawed human beings. Choose to build people up instead of entering into competition and comparison with them. Share your time and resources with others and discipline yourself to pay attention to them.

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



John said that you are not here by yourself, because there are many who have touched you throughout your life and helped to shape the way you are today. Take a few moments to be still and ask God to bring to mind those who have had a positive touch on your life. Perhaps note down their names on paper and give thanks to God for these people.

John unpacked four particular points, and asked whether we choose to embrace or exclude people. For each of these four points consider to what extent your are a community builder.

1. Do we choose to accept people or do we choose to judge?
2. Do we choose to enter into competition with people or do we choose to build people up?
3. Do we choose to share what we have or do we choose to withold it?
4. Do we choose to look, listen and pay attention to people or do we choose to ignore?

After having reflected on these ask that God’s Spirit will search your heart to reveal areas where He wishes to grow within you a larger heart for community. What actions do you need to take today as a result of what God has shown you?


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