DCL 4.5 Instruction | Encourage the Participation of Shared Thinking

Video Presentation:  John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP

Good leaders understand the power of shared thinking. They agree with leadership authority Ken Blanchard who said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” They know that when they value the thoughts and ideas of others, they receive compound thinking and accomplish more than they ever could have on their own.


Observations about shared thinking:

1.  Shared thinking is faster than solo thinking.

2.  Shared thinking is more innovative than solo thinking.

3.  Shared thinking brings more maturity than solo thinking.

4.  Shared thinking is more powerful than solo thinking.

5.  Shared thinking produces greater results than solo thinking.

6.  Shared thinking is the only way to have great thinking.


Steps to Help You Participate in Shared Thinking:

1.  Value the ideas of others.

2.  Move from competition to cooperation.

3.  Learn to be a good listener.

4.  Meet regularly with people who have good ideas.



  • How well do you practice shared thinking?
  • When you last faced a big problem or challenge, did you take time to listen to the ideas of others? Why or why not?


Biblical Case Study: Apollos (Acts 18:24-28)

The book of Acts describes Apollos as a very educated man and a gifted teacher. What is most impressive about Apollos is his willingness to learn from others. Here are several observations about this man who valued shared thinking.

1.  He did not assume that he knew everything.

2.  He valued the ideas and opinions of others.

3.  He was willing to listen.

4.  He was a secure leader.

5.  He was eager to learn.

6.  He was not content with the status quo.

7.  He wanted to become more effective in his ministry.

8.  He listened to people with better ideas.



  • What is your response to the following statement? “The most important thing you will ever learn is what you learn after you know it all.” How will you keep learning?




Do your co-workers know that you value their ideas and are eager to hear them?



What is one major challenge or prob­lem you are facing? List two or three specific steps you will take to practice shared thinking in solving this problem.

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