DCL 4.5 Instruction | Biblical Case Study | Pontius Pilate

Biblical Case Study: Pontius Pilate (Matthew 27: 11-31)

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP

Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Israel, stands in stark contrast to Jesus who took a basin and towel and washed the feet of His disciples. Pilate took a towel and basin and tried to wash away his responsibil­ity for bowing to the court of public opinion. Pilate went with the popular thinking of the moment as the mob begged for Barabbas to be released, but screamed for Jesus to be crucified. Why did Pilate go with popular thinking?

1.  He lacked any personal convictions.

2.  He lacked security.

3.  He lacked courage.

4.  He wanted to hold onto power.

5.  He thought it was the easy way.

6.  He thought it was in his best interest.

7.  He wanted to be popular more than he wanted to do what was right.

8.  He thought he could escape responsibility for his decision.



  • What other Biblical characters rejected popular thinking and went on to do great exploits for God?
  • What is one decision you have struggled with or are currently struggling with that is going against popular thinking? What do you think God wants you to do in this situation?


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