DCL 1.5 Meditation | A Generous Heart

A message by John Ortberg.

As children, one of the first words we learn is “mine.” Some of us use that word until the day we die. In stark contrast, David was one of those that often used the word, “yours.” He used the word directed to God–that everything David had, materially or otherwise, was really God’s. With that attitude, David is an inspiration to us. One with a generous heart focuses on the needs of others, rather than on his or her discontent. A generous person also looks for opportunities to give and increasingly experiences joy when he or she does so. We see that in various times in David’s life. It can be that way in our life.

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



As you consider the truth that everything you have is from God and that it is not ‘your stuff’ take a few moments to ‘count your blessings’ and write them down.

Spend some time considering the list you have written and give thanks to God for His generosity toward you.

John gave three illustrations that portray the marks of generosity from the life of David – a person who modelled what a generous heart looks like. For each illustration John outlined a characteristic of a generous heart. Have a look at the 3 characteristics listed below and select only one. Read the accompanying the biblical passage from the life of David and make a few notes as to what you notice about generosity. Then ask God to help you grow your heart in this characteristic of a generous heart.

1.  A generous heart focuses on the needs of other people rather than your own sense of discontent (1 Sam 30:9-25).

2.  A generous heart looks for opportunities to give ( 2 Sam. 24:18-25).

3.  A generous heart increasingly experiences joy in giving (1 Chron.29:1-16).


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