DCL 1.5 Instruction | Our Values: My Values Give Me Direction


Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP


Over the last five years, global companies in the marketplace have faced lawsuits because of moral and financial crimes. In churches, ministers and priests have also faced criminal charges because of their failure to live a life of integrity. Professional athletes share the same story—somehow they believe they can do whatever they want off of the field. They feel exempt from the “rules” of society.

What do all of these stories have in common? Values. Every story reflects the incredible damage that can be done when individuals lose direction as they forget to practice values. Values give us a moral compass. We need them to make good and wise decisions, especially when we face tempting circumstances.


Biblical Case Study: David and Saul (I Samuel 24:1-22)

In this story, David is a leader who lives by his values; he demonstrates that he’s a better man than King Saul. You remember the story… Saul has chosen to hunt for and kill David, because he feels threatened by David’s popularity and strength. When Saul enters a cave where David and his men are hiding, David has a perfect opportunity to kill his enemy and assume his promised role as king. But he doesn’t. Why? It’s all a matter of values.

1.5 Our Values


Why Values Matter Today

Here are three word pictures that describe why values are so valuable!

1.  Values are your anchor.
They can hold you in place during the storms of life when everyone else is wavering.

2.  Values are your faithful friend.
They remind you of your intentions and hold you accountable to do what’s right.

3.  Values are your north star.
They guide you when your future is unfamiliar and uncertain.



  • What is one of your top values that you try to live by?


Where to Start with Values

1.  Create a list of great values. List words that describe your core values. (No more than six words)

2.  Make a decision to embrace those values daily, regardless of your feelings. How will you do this?

3.  Tell your values to others. Who will you share them with?

4.  Compare your values to your practices each day. Where are you strong? Where are you weak?

5.  Evaluate each day in light of your values. List the ways that you implemented your core values.


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