DCL 1.5 Inspiration | Leaders That Grow

Outline of Session

  • The key to church growth
  • Seven common traps of leadership:
  1. Leaders try to do it all
  2. The leader stops growing
  3. The leader stops caring
  4. The leader loses touch with the people
  5. The leader becomes complacent and ungrateful
  6. The leader becomes arrogant
  7. The leader gets distracted


Conference Session by Rick Warren

(Try and make space to watch to this session in one sitting.)




1.  Personal reflection: Write down one key insight that you can personally take away.


2.  Rick stated that, “One of the primary reasons churches stops growing or decline is that leadership defaults.”  How do you respond to this statement? Do you agree or disagree?


3.  Rick listed and explained seven common traps in leadership. These are shown below. For each one the antidote is also provided. Consider which of these you might be prone to be ‘ensnared’ by in your leadership. Discuss this together with others in your group and consider how you might practically apply the antidote in your life to help you avoid any potential pitfalls.

The ‘Trap’ | The Antidote

  • Leaders try to do it all | Learn to delegate
  • Leaders stop growing | Never stop learning
  • The leader stops caring | Maintain your spiritual passion
  • The leader loses touch with people | Always ask the people – get feedback
  • The leader becomes complacent and ungrateful | Maintain an attitude of gratitude
  • The leader becomes arrogant | Never stop depending upon God
  • The leader gets distracted | Be purpose driven – keep focussed on what is right


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