Lesson 5: Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth

Today Matters is all about self-leadership. The course will challenge you to stop spending too much time remembering the “good ol’ days” or day dreaming of what could be, and focus on making today the most important day we have. Only by making today the best it can be, can we build for a better tomorrow.

In this audio visual presentation of John Maxwell’s Today Matters, EQUIP trainers John Hull and Tom Atema unpack 12 daily practices to live your life to the best.

Each lesson starts with a talk from Willow Creek and ends with a Willow Creek conference session.  These are provided for reflection and inspiration.


Opening Thought and Prayer

The purpose of education is perhaps more about discovery than knowledge.

Lord, as I approach this material,
Help me to see myself as you see me,
Not as I want to be seen.