DCL 3.4 Instruction | Expand Your Circle of Acquaintances

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

Expanding your circle of acquaintances may be uncomfortable, but it can do a lot for you. It will expose you to new ideas. It will help you see things from a different point of view, which will often help you gener­ate new ideas of your own. It can help you learn new working methods and become more innovative.

Here are some suggestions for expanding your circle of acquaintances:

1.  Ask your friends to introduce you to their friends.

2.  Connect with people who have expertise in fields other than yours.

3.  Go out of your way to meet people who have strengths different than yours.

4.  Expand beyond your personal prejudices.

5.  Extend beyond your routine.


Biblical Case Study: Peter and Cornelius (Acts 10:1-35)

While the apostle Peter knew that Jesus had told him to go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all people, he still had trouble speaking to a Roman centurion named Cornelius. Peter had to step out of his comfort zone and expand beyond his prejudices in order to connect and minister to a person in spiri­tual need. The result was salvation for Cornelius and his household. This encounter radically expanded Peter’s ministry and strengthened his influence.



  • What steps can you take to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people?


Two other principles for building influence with your peers:

  • Let the best idea win. Resist the temptation to fight for your own idea when it’s not the best idea.
  • Don’t pretend you are perfect. Admit your faults, ask for advice, and learn from others.




Review the lead-across principles in this lesson. Which of these principles do you habitually apply? With which of these principles do you need improve­ment?


List three steps you can take to gain more influence with your peers.


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