DCL 3.4 Inspiration | Bringing the Team Your Best

Outline of Session

(Dan Allender is primarily speaking here to leaders in the arts arena, and considering what it means to bring your very best in the context of the arts. As you listen, consider the transferrable principles to your own area of leadership.)

  • The Battle Ground for the Human Heart
  • The Leader’s Battle: Facing crisis; Complexity of information; Betrayal; Loneliness; Exhaustion
  • The Core Issue: Shame; Dan’s personal example
  • The Question: How can you bring your best…?
  • The Example of Jacob: God will wrestle with you when you wish for him to fight on your behalf; Brokenness, weakness and limping are the context for true power; God wants us to cry out for a blessing from him

Conference Session by Dan Allender 

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)


1. Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away and implement and then discuss your answers with your team.

2. Dan stated that we will face unique battles and struggles. Following research he suggests that there are five issues in particular, each with their commonly identified response.

Take some time to consider each one and reflect upon where your heart is in relation to these. Do you recognise the responses as Dan defined them? What actions might you need to take if you sense your heart is closing up and moving towards giving up?
3. Dan suggested that the core issue is the pain of shame and exposure, leading to the intent that “I will not let my heart suffer anymore.” As a result, dreams wane, survival becomes the goal, and ‘your own shame begins to deny the very gospel that you so desire to make known to others.’ Read the passage that Dan referred to in Genesis 32 and the story of Jacob wrestling with God. Can you think of a time when God has wrestled with you and has caused you to cry out for a blessing?
4. Why might walking with a limp be a part of the antidote to a heart that is closing and giving up? How will it affect your attitude to others? What will it do for your team and your ministry?

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