DCL 4.4 Instruction | Embrace the Lessons of Reflective Thinking

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP


Reflective thinking is vital to personal growth. It involves review and evaluation. Reflective thinking helps us learn from mistakes, decide what actions should be repeated and determine what should be changed. Most people would rather act than think. Why not do both? Consider the value of reflective thinking:

1.  Reflective thinking helps you gain true perspective.

2.  Reflective thinking helps you eliminate emotional baggage from your thoughts.

3.  Reflective thinking makes you more confident in your decision-making.

4.  Reflective thinking brings the big picture into clearer focus.

5.  Reflective thinking turns experience into insight.

6.  Reflective thinking provides counsel and direction for your future.


Put the following suggestions into practice if you wish to increase your ability to think reflectively.

1.  Schedule time in your calendar for reflective thinking.

2. Find a “thinking place” with a minimum of distractions.

3. Take time to review past experiences.

4. Ask the following questions every day.

  • What have I learned today that will help me grow?
  • How can I apply it to my life?

5.  Put your thoughts into action.



  • Do you take time to think about past experiences and reflect on what could be done differently if you are ever faced with that situation again?
  • If you regularly practiced reflective thinking for one year, how would your life and ministry be changed?
  • Reflective thinking is the only way to gain a true perspective and to learn important lessons from the experience.




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