DCL 1.4 Instruction | Our Relationships: Today’s Relationships Give Me Fulfillment

Video Presentation: John Hull, President/CEO, EQUIP


Each of us has important relationships in our lives, but it is amazing how little time we put into deciding who will be involved in our key relationships. Most of us just let them happen. We leave our relationships to chance, demonstrating the little value we really place on them. Two relationship experts write: “Relationships help us to define who we are and what we become. Most of us can trace our successes to pivotal relationships.”

1.  Life’s greatest experiences involve other people.

2.  You’ll enjoy life more if you like people.

3.  You’ll get further in life if people like you.

4.  People are an organisation’s most valuable asset.


Your Relationship Network

Each of us has a relationship network. As we have already discussed, most leaders leave that network to chance. In the following diagram, you have the chance to write down the key people who make up your network. Be honest with yourself as you write in the names of those people who fit into your network. Note where your network is strong and where it is weak.


Biblical Case Study: Abigail vs. Nabal (I Samuel 25:1-42)

Abigail is a favorite Bible character for many. She was winsome and charismatic. She handled relationships skillfully. Her husband, Nabal, stood in contrast. His relational skills were his downfall. David would have killed Nabal and everyone in his home if it weren’t for Abigail. Examine the contrast between the two in I Samuel 25. 


Relationship Lessons from Abigail:

1.  Risky Initiative
– Abigail took the first step with David to resolve a sticky situation.
2.  Emotional Security – Abigail demonstrated inward security in her identity.
3.  Genuine Humility – Abigail submitted to David by falling at his feet.
4.  Personal Responsibility – Abigail took responsibility to explain Nabal’s conduct.
5.  Selfless Attitude – Abigail focused completely on David’s welfare and future success. 



  • What do you struggle with most when it comes to healthy relationships?




On a scale of one to ten, (10 being very well) score yourself on how well you handle your money, faith and relationships. Why did you give yourself this score?

  •  Money:
  • Faith:
  • Relationships:


What is one step you could take to improve in each of these three areas?

  • Money:
  • Faith:
  • Relationships:


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