DCL 2.4 Instruction | The Approachability Principle

The Approachability Principle : Being at Ease with Ourselves Helps Others Be at Ease with Us

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida 


There is no greater relationship gift we can give to others than putting them at ease. Good leaders are secure and don’t project an “untouchable” image. Even a leader who is famous can be authentic and approachable.

Here are some important questions: Can the people closest to you talk to you about nearly anything? Do those who don’t know you feel at ease approaching you? When was the last time someone brought you bad news? What was your reaction?


Biblical Case Study: Rebekah and Abraham’s Servant (Genesis 24:1-66)

Abraham instructed his oldest servant to find a wife for Isaac. The servant traveled to Mesopotamia as Abraham had instructed him. The servant made his camels kneel down outside the city by a well of water at evening time. He waited for the women of the city to come draw water, and he prayed for a favorable response when he asked a young woman for a drink. When he, a total stranger, approached Rebekah and asked for a drink of water, she responded with kindness and generosity. How easy it would have been for Rebekah to ignore the stranger’s request for a drink. She certainly could have given him a quick drink and continued on her way. But she engaged him in conversation and went the extra mile to provide water for a group of thirsty camels. As a result of her approachability, her life changed in ways she could not imagine. As Isaac’s wife, she would become a part of the lineage of the Messiah.



  • Are you approachable?
  • Do your associates feel free to bring you bad news, to disagree with your point of view, to question you about something you did wrong?
  • Are you prone to moodiness?



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