DCL 4.3 Instruction | Biblical Case Studies | Titus and Samson

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor and Shaun Blakeney, Student Ministry Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

The apostle Paul turned to Titus when he needed someone to see a problem realistically and come up with solutions. Paul sent Titus to both Corinth and Crete to deal with chaotic situations. His ability as a problem solver was based in large part on his ability as a realistic thinker. Consider some characteristics of realistic thinkers:

1.  They anticipate problems.

2.  They discover the real issue.

3.  They accept the facts.

4.  They see the big picture.

5.  They consider their options.

6.  They develop an action plan based on reality.



  • Why do you think Paul was willing to trust Titus with difficult assignments?


Samson had the potential to be a great leader. But his story is filled with failure. He is the perfect example of one who refuses to become a realistic thinker. Consider some characteristics of Samson:

1.  He failed to listen to wise counselors.

2.  He refused to learn from his mistakes.

3.  He was reactive, not proactive.

4.  He was impulsive.

5.  He failed to consider the consequences of his actions.



  • Do you agree or disagree that a realistic thinker must have a teachable attitude? Share examples to support your answer.

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