DCL 3.3 Instruction | Be Willing To Do What Others Won’t Do

Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

Few things gain the appreciation of a top leader more quickly than a subordinate with a whatever-it-takes attitude. This person can think outside their job description and tackle the kinds of jobs others are too proud to do or too frightened to take on. This is crucial to becoming an effective 360 Degree Leader.

John Maxwell teaches several things to do to become a 360 Degree Leader who leads up:

1.  Take on the tough jobs

2.  Work hard even if no one notices you.

3.  Learn to get along with difficult people.

4.  Be a risk taker.

5.  Admit faults, but never make excuses.

6.  Do more than is expected of you.

7.  Be first to volunteer to help others.

8.  Perform tasks that are not in your job description.


Remember that the goal is more important than the role (Law of the Big Picture from The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork).



  • When was the last time you took on a task that was not “your job” in order to help the organisation succeed?


Biblical Case Study: Gideon (Judges 6:11-7:25)

Gideon took on the very difficult task of fighting the Midianites. Even though he had serious doubts about his qualifications to lead, he was willing to take on the tough task. He followed three key steps to victory:

1.  He was willing to assume responsibility.

2.  He anticipated positive results.

3.  He was willing to be a risk-taker.


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