DCL 3.3 Instruction | Do More Than Manage – Lead!

Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

EQUIP Board Member, Pastor Tom Mullins, says, “Leaders must be good managers, but managers are not necessarily good leaders.” Leadership is much more than management.

Leadership is:

1.  People more than projects

2.  Movement more than maintenance

3.  Art more than science

4.  Intuition more than formula

5.  Vision more than procedure

6.  Risk more than caution

7.  Action more than reaction

8.  Relationships more than rules

9.  Who you are more than what you do


Sum it up this way: Managers work with processes – leaders work with people.

1.  Leaders think longer term.

2.  Leaders see the larger context.

3.  Leaders push boundaries.

4.  Leaders see the intangibles.

5.  Leaders invest power in others.

6.  Leaders see themselves as agents of change.


Biblical Case Study: Deborah (Judges 4:1-24, 5:1-9, 31)

Deborah was able to gain the respect of a male-dominated culture in Israel in about 1100 B.C. She became one of the greatest leaders of her generation, bringing peace to her people for forty years. Here are some marks of her leadership:

1.  She exceeded the expectations of others.

2.  She stood firm on her convictions.

3.  She possessed uncommon security and maturity.

4.  She valued her team.

5.  She helped others experience success.

6.  She thought ahead of others.



  • Discuss the difference between management and leadership.



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