DCL 3.3 Instruction | Lead Yourself Exceptionally Well

“Follow me; I’m right behind you.”
“So Moses heeded the voice of his father-in-law and did all that he said.” 

Exodus 18:24


The 360 Degree Leader must learn the skills to lead up (with your leader), lead across (with your col­leagues), and lead down (with your followers). Each of these draws on different principles and requires different skills. Leading up is the greatest challenge. Your underlying strategy should be to support your leader, add value to the organisation, and distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack by doing your work with excellence.

Let’s study the “Lead Up” principles one by one in this lesson.

Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

Learn to lead yourself before you try to lead others. The keys to leading yourself well are self-management and self-discipline. Nothing will make a greater positive impression on those above you than your ability to lead yourself. John Maxwell lists the following areas in which you must manage yourself:

1.  Manage your emotions.

2.  Manage your time.

3.  Manage your priorities.

4.  Manage your energy.

5.  Manage your thinking.

6. Manage your words.

7.  Manage your personal life.

If I can’t lead myself, others won’t follow me.

If I can’t lead myself, others won’t respect me.

If I can’t lead myself, others won’t partner with me.


Biblical Case Study: Paul (Acts 26:12-29)

Leaders add infinite weight to their words by living the principles they teach. Paul earned enormous credibility and influence by practicing what he preached. When Paul stood before King Agrippa and was asked to defend himself, he was able to do it with credibility because of the life he lived.

1.  Paul was willing for his life and leadership to be on display.

2.  He modeled a life fully surrendered to Christ.

3.  He encouraged everyone to follow his example.

4.  He sacrificed for the sake of others.

5.  He gave himself fully to the work of the Lord.



  • Are you leading yourself well in the seven areas listed?
  • How can you improve?



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