DCL 1.3 Meditation | A Beautiful Mind

A message by John Ortberg.

What do our thoughts focus on? Are they riddled with anxiety, resentment, greed, and hatred; or are they filled with joy, peace, hope, maturity, and love? Romans 8:5 provides a series of observations concerning the ongoing struggle we have in our minds. We have a choice of what to focus our thoughts on-either life-producing thoughts or death-decaying thoughts. We need to understand that the ultimate freedom we have is the power to choose what we will allow our minds to dwell upon. We are not victims of our thoughts. Why not choose the life and peace that only Jesus can give us?

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



Read Romans 8:5-8

John makes the point that the primary point of intersection between the Holy Spirit and ourselves is the ‘mind’. The mind is a ceaseless fountain or spring from which our lives flow. From this our character, nature and personality are formed.

Be still and quiet before God. Ask Him by His Spirit to help you to take a few moment to consider your current state of mind. Is the stream flowing from it clear and life giving, or is it muddy, dry, toxic or bitter. Write down your thoughts and search for evidence as to the impact of your thoughts, ideas and perceptions, even over just the past week. In what ways have you been life-giving in your actions resulting from your mind? In what ways have your motives been unclear and mixed? Has there been little life given at all to others? Has your mind been focused on negative aspects like despair, fear, pride, anger, or resentment toward others?

In having done this as honestly as you can, why not ‘lean into community’? John suggests that we need community to help us discern which voices are worth listening to and which are not. Share with others the state of your mind and ask for their prayer and discernment, that you might set your mind on things above to an even greater extent and that your thoughts will produce love, truth, self-control, joy, peace, confidence, courage, poise, maturity and competence in your ministry.


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