DCL 1.3 Instruction | Our Commitment: Today’s Commitment Gives Me Tenacity


Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP


What were you born to do? What do you think your future holds? Do you believe you have a purpose or a destiny? If so, will you fulfil it? To become the person you have the potential to be, you will need great tenacity. That quality comes from commitment. Take a look at these truths concerning commitment:


1.  Commitment can change your life.
Think about a time in your life when you made a real commitment to do something differently. How did that change the course of your life? 

2.  Commitment helps you overcome many of life’s obstacles.
What is a past adversity that you overcame by making a commitment? 

3.  Your commitment will be tested every day.
Commitment is not a one-time event. What is one decision you made that was tested? How did you do in daily committing yourself to keeping that decision?


Biblical Case Study: Noah and the Flood (Genesis 6-8)

Noah might be the epitome of commitment. His classic story about building an ark to prepare for a flood required quite a step of determination. Consider the situation he found himself in, when he made his commitment to obey God:

1.  Society was corrupt, so Noah had no outside friends to encourage his decision.
2.  Noah was instructed to build an ark, something he’d never done before.
3.  It had never before rained on earth, so the possibility of a flood seemed illogical.
4.  With no evidence of water, he gathered every kind of animal to board the ark.
5.  The ark took several decades to build, and Noah was likely ridiculed.


So What Enabled Noah to Keep His Commitment?

1.  Obedience to God
2.  Protecting his family
3.  A vision bigger than himself: future generations 


Managing the Discipline of Commitment

Commitment comes with the territory of leadership. You cannot lead well without it. Once you count the cost of a decision and decide it is worth the price—stick with it. Consider these statements as you make commitments:

1.  Expect commitment to be a struggle.
The greatest honours are reserved for those who endure the biggest struggles. Often, the higher the stakes, the higher the reward. Decide that the prize is worth the price. Every great committed leader in the Bible had to struggle. 

2.  Don’t rely on talent alone.
Your talent can blind you to the need for commitment. We often get lazy in our areas of talent because it comes easy to us. Apply discipline especially in your strength areas. Continue to develop your spiritual life and your skills.

3.  Focus on choices, not conditions.
Be focused on your inward choice, not on outward circumstances. Conditions change and you cannot control them. Your choices are all you can control.

4.  Be single-minded.
Nothing enhances commitment like single-minded effort that results in achievement. Remove distractions and options once you’ve decided what is right. “This one thing I do.”

5.  Do what’s right even when you don’t feel like it.
Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them day after day. Don’t let your fickle feelings prevent you from keeping a right commitment. Let the examples of Daniel, Joseph, and Moses encourage you to persevere.

6.  Finish what you start.
Don’t make excuses. When you start something—follow through until it is finished. Commitment enables you to finish even when things are inconvenient. Be grateful for Genesis (how it all began) and Revelation (how it all ends).




How would others describe you when it comes to . . .

  • Prioritising family?
  • Good thinking?
  • Keeping commitments?



List one decision and action step you can take in each of these areas.


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