DCL 1.3 Inspiration | Leadership Excellence

Outline of Session

  • Excellence from God
  • The challenge of excellence in: Commitment, Affections, Skills and abilities
  • Talent matters


Conference Session by Bill Hybels

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)




1.  Personal reflection: Write down one key insight that you can personally take away.


2.  Bill quoted from management guru, Peter Drucker, who said, “One of the most important functions of leadership is to uphold standards of excellence, for without constant promptings excellent standards will always drift south.”

How do you respond to the concept of excellence, particularly in the local church?


3.  Read Malachi 1. What are the key points in this passage in relation to giving of our very best? Bill stated that you need to decide what quality of lamb you are going to give to the God who has only ever given His best for you. Have you made that decision yet?


4.  Bill explained three particular challenges which were personal to him in relation to the areas where he felt challenged to give back to God his very best. These are in the table below. To what extent are these challenges for you? For each area can you think of something you may need to do in response? Write it into the table below.



5.  Bill explained that “Talent matters, even in the local church”. He also stated that warm and willing hearts are not enough if the church is to reach her full redemptive potential. To what extent do you agree with this? What are the repercussions for your church?


6.  What are you going to do with the rest of your life that will last on into eternity?

  • Are you called to leave what you are currently doing to give your life to serving the local church?
  • Are you restless in your job and about where you are investing your time and energies?
  • Are you to stay in your job, but to make adjustments to ensure that you are giving your absolute best to God?


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