DCL 5.2 Inspiration | The Mental Toughness of a Leader

Outline of Session

  • Complete the mission
  • Energy Management Pathways
  • How we are training
  • How we should be training
  • Breakthroughs
  • Manage energy, not time
  • Training roadmap
  • Energy management principles
  • Face the truth
  • Change is a matter of the heart


Conference Session by Jack Groppel.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal Reflection: Write the key insight from this session that you can personally take away.  Discuss your answers with you team.


2.  Take some time to complete the table below.

5.2 Inspiration The Mental Touchness of a Leader
3.  Share with your team:

  • In which of these areas are you doing best?
  • What area needs the most attention?


4.  Jack explained that recovery is the key to handling stress in our lives.

  • What is your initial reaction to this idea?  Below, right down whatever thoughts come to your mind as you think about this idea and how it applies (or doesn’t apply) to your own experience.
  • Where can you build recovery into your daily life?  Look at the list below and circle two or three that you can readily do on a regular basis. Share them with you team.


Recovery Ideas

  •  2 minutes

Stretch | hydrate with water | meditate | pray | stand up | moisturise hands | squeeze stress ball | read daily inspiration | look at family pictures | get a cup of coffee / water | bathroom break | doodle | read a joke / comic | aromatherapy | listen to a song | laugh

  • 5 minutes

Take a walk | call a friend / family member | eat a snack | look at a magazine | talk to a co-worker | make a shopping list | walk up and downstairs / hallway | small movements | sing a song | juggle | send flowers | brush your teeth | check out a website | crossword puzzle

  • 15 minutes

Take a brisk walk | converse with a friend | organise desk / files | mini workout | write a to-do list | plan an outing / vacation


5.  Below write down one thing you will commit to intentionally changing.  Find one other person that you trust and ask them to provide the structure you need to accomplish this goal by holding you accountable.

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