DCL 1.2 Meditation | Disarming Grace

 A message by John Ortberg.

What’s the one thing that the church has to offer that the world cannot get anywhere else? It’s grace. The church can say to others with confidence, “You were lost, but now you’re found. You were guilty, but now you’ve been pardoned. You were dead, but now you’ve been made alive.” We must set aside political agendas, judgmentalism, and self-righteousness and recognise our own shortcomings. When we see how Christ has redeemed us from our own sin, our hearts are renewed and a compassion for those who still need God’s grace overflows.

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



“Grace always surrounds us”. What an incredible truth. The ultimate expression of grace is Jesus Christ nailed to the cross. John Ortberg encourages us to ‘live close to the cross, for if we were to do so, then how gracious would we be.

Reflect for a few moments on the wonder of grace. Perhaps find a piece of worship music with which you are familiar that focuses on this word and listen quietly to it. Allow this word to sink into the core of your being.

John suggests writing the word GRACE on a piece of paper and placing it somewhere where you can see it on a regular basis. Why not use the letters G.R.A.C.E. as an acrostic and think of other words that help you further understand what grace means to you, e.g.  Generous, Rich, Available, Crimson, Excellent.

Spend a few moments giving praise to God for His wonderful grace.


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