DCL 1.2 Instruction | Our Attitudes: Today’s Attitude Gives Me Possibilities

My attitude today gives me possibilities. Is it possible for a leader to be successful without a good attitude? Yes, it is. However, their attitude will determine how much they will enjoy the success. Further, a poor or negative attitude can actually diminish the fruit we bear because it opposes an attitude of faith. Dr. Paul Y. Cho once studied pastors worldwide and discovered that the greatest leaders were also men of great faith. In Scripture, we see three attitudes that great leaders possessed consistently:

  •  A Positive Attitude (Leaders believed God could use them to do anything.)
  • A Servant Attitude (Leaders generously served God and others.)
  • A Determined Attitude (Leaders worked persistently and would not quit.)


Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP


Biblical Case Study: Paul’s Attitude (Philippians 1:12-18)

Paul wrote the book of Philippians from a Roman prison while chained to a palace guard, awaiting a trial from Caesar. Sitting in the prison, fully aware that his ministry might be shortened, Paul’s attitude was on display, loud and clear, before the Philippian church.

Paul’s Attitude…

Enabled him to see what others could not see (v.12-18 ).
Enabled him to remain optimistic in the face of negativism (v. 14-17).
Enabled him to stay on mission regardless of the circumstances (v. 18).


Why Your Attitude Matters Today

Your success in leadership isn’t only about your gifts, talents, intelligence, or budget. More than these, it is about the attitude you possess, year in and year out. Here is why your attitude matters to your leadership:

1. Your attitude at the beginning of a task affects its outcome.

Take responsibility for your attitude. Philippians 2:5 tells us to share the same attitude that Christ had when He came to earth. Christ’s attitude as He began His earthly ministry was essential, given all of the challenges He faced. A healthy attitude helps us as we begin and continue leading people and projects.

2. Your attitude toward others often determines their attitude toward you.

Place high value on people. Jesus did this. We must do this, as well, despite our opinions of people. Romans 12:10 teaches us to be devoted to each other, and outdo one another in showing honor. The New Testament actually tells us to treat others as more important than ourselves.

3. Your attitude can give you a winners perspective.

Decide to change your bad attitude areas. Proverbs 23:7 reminds us: “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” If we don’t change our bad attitudes, we will begin moving in the direction they lead us. Attitudes lead to action. One prominent doctor reminds us that each of us has a “Reticular Activating System” in our brains. Its primary function is to cause us to move in the direction of the dominant thought of the moment. What dominates your thought life?

4. Your attitude—not your achievements—provides you happiness.

Develop an appreciation for life. Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out. Be grateful for little things in your life. Read Psalm 139 several times, and rediscover the tremendous way God fashioned each person, even the smallest detail.

5. Your attitude is contagious.

Find something and someone positive in every situation. In Philippians 4:11, Paul wrote: “I have learned to be content in any and every situation.” He called this a secret. Very few people discover it. Mother Teresa was asked what requirement she had for her workers in Calcutta. She said they must be hard workers and possess a joyful attitude, regardless of the situation.

Think about it:

1. When you begin a new assignment or project, what is your usual attitude?

(Circle the number that most accurately reflects your attitude.)

1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9              10

Excited                                                                                                                               Apathetic

Positive                                                                                                                              Negative

I see it as a new opportunity.                                                                                   I see it as work.

2. Why did you give yourself this score? What is your greatest challenge when it comes to possessing a positive attitude?



  • What are the primary factors that affect your attitude?
  • List the negative attitudes you have struggled with this last month.
  • What is the one discipline you must practice in order to maintain a positive attitude?


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