DCL 4.2 Instruction | Unleash the Potential of Focused Thinking (Part 1)

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP

Many people flit through life from one project to another, spreading themselves so thin that they do noth­ing well. They never learn to say NO to the good so they can say YES to the best. They toy with many activities but give themselves passionately to nothing.

The focused thinker establishes priorities, knowing that one person cannot do everything. He drops some good activities in order to passionately embrace a cause that truly makes a difference. He refuses to be like a bumblebee, flitting from place to place, leaving a blur, but not a mark.


Focused thinking can do several things for you:

1.  Focused thinking harnesses energy toward a desired goal.

2.  Focused thinking gives ideas time to develop.

3.  Focused thinking brings clarity to the target.

4.  Focused thinking will take you to the next level.



  • Talk about your response to this statement—“A good idea can become a great idea when it is given focused time.”


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