DCL 4.2 Instruction | Discover the Joy of Creative Thinking

Video Presentation: John Hull, President / CEO, EQUIP

The most valuable resource you bring to your ministry is your creativity. Despite the importance of cre­ativity, few people seem to possess the skill in abundance. If you are not as creative as you would like to be, you need to change your way of thinking. Creative thinking isn’t necessarily original thinking. It is often a composite of other thoughts you have discovered along life’s journey.


Consider the following characteristics that creative thinkers have in common:

1.  Creative thinkers value ideas.

2.  Creative thinkers explore options.

3.  Creative thinkers don’t fear failure.

4.  Creative thinkers are willing to be different.

5.  Creative thinkers explore unknown paths.

6.  Creative thinkers ask questions.

7.  Creative thinkers spend time with other creative people.

8.  Creative thinkers avoid negative people.



  • Rate yourself on each of the eight characteristics in the previous list of creative thinkers. Where do you need improvement?


Five Specific Benefits from Creative Thinking:

1.  Creative thinking adds value to everything you do.

2.  Creative thinking compounds over time.

3.  Creative thinking draws people to you.

4.  Creative thinking is the key to learning.

5.  Creative thinking challenges the status quo.


Why We Fail to Think Creatively:

1.  An overloaded schedule leaves no time for thinking.

2.  An urgent agenda makes it difficult to slow down and ask questions.

3.  A “know it all” attitude does not value the ideas of others.



  • Have you established a system to record your creative ideas?
  • If you have, is it working?
  • If you haven’t, investigate your options and begin a system.
  • How do you follow up with an idea that you believe has great potential?





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