DCL 4.2 Instruction | Biblical Case Studies | Rahab and Saul

Biblical Case Study: Rahab (Joshua 2:1-21)

God strategically positioned Rahab in a home built into the wall of Jericho. When two Hebrew spies came to her for assistance, she displayed a clear understanding of spiritual issues. She acknowledged that the Lord had given the land to the Israelites and that the fear of the Lord had engulfed the inhabitants of Jer­icho. When the king of Jericho sought to capture the spies, Rahab moved into action with creativity. She designed a plan:

1.  To hide the spies from the king.

2.  To secure long-term protection for her family.

3.  To help the spies escape from the city.

4.  To protect the spies from their pursuers.

5.  To help accomplish the purpose of God in Jericho.


Rahab helped the spies by her quick wisdom, courage and creativity. She saved her own life and served God’s purpose. Her name occupies an honoured place in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11:31.

Rahab occupied no position and held no official title in the city. This story implies that any­one, regardless of title and position, can think creatively. Share about times you have experienced similar creative thinking by those without title or position.


Biblical Case Study: Saul (Acts 9:23-25)

Another escape story is told in Acts 9. Saul, a new follower of Christ, was being sought by the Jewish lead­ers in Damascus who desired to put him to death. The disciples moved into action:

  • They chose to get involved. (Courage)
  • They decided on a rescue plan. (Creativity)
  • They executed the plan. (Commitment)
  • They launched Saul (Paul) into a worldwide ministry. (Compound results)


How to Improve Your Creativity:

1.  Listen to God’s voice.

2.  Seek ideas from others.

3.  Learn from past experiences – successes and failures.

4.  Evaluate all your options.

5.  Expand your learning opportunities.

6.  Take risks.



  • What are three steps you will take to become a more creative thinker?





Has your organisation created an environment that encour­ages creative thinking?


List specific ways you can praise and reward creativity in your organisation.


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