DCL 3.2 Instruction | The Multi Hat Challenge

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

When people are starting at the bottom of an organisation, they often have few tasks. When someone is in the top position, he or she has the luxury of choosing which tasks they will do. They can determine their priorities and focus on their strengths. Anything else they can delegate. Leaders in the middle, on the other hand, must perform countless tasks, often with shifting priorities and limited time and resources. The 360 Degree Leader usually faces the Multi-Hat Challenge everyday.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with this challenge:

1.  Always remember which hat you are wearing in a given situation.

2.  When you change hats, don’t change your personality.

3.  Don’t neglect any hat you are responsible to wear.

4.  Remain flexible at all times.


Biblical Case Study: Joseph (Genesis 37:1-50:22)

Joseph wore many hats when he was placed in a high position in Egypt. In each situation he acted accord­ing to the hat he was wearing at the moment.

1.  As second in command, he faithfully served Pharaoh with solving problems.

2.  As a brother, he extended forgiveness to those who mistreated him.

3.  As a son, he demonstrated compassionate concern for his father.

4.  As a father, he endeavoured to instruct his sons in the ways of the Lord.



  • List the “hats” you are required to wear.
  • What tools can you use to keep track of your various responsibilities?


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