DCL 3.2 Instruction | The Fulfillment Challenge

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

Wherever people find themselves in life, they usually possess the natural desire to move up. They want to advance and improve. Leaders are no different. They want to make a greater impact. There are some advantages to being out front:

1.  There is more recognition at the front.

2.  The view is better at the front.

3.  The leaders in front determine the direction.

4.  The leaders in front can set the pace.


John Maxwell teaches that with the right attitude and skills, a 360 Degree Leader can influence the entire organisation wherever he or she is in the organisation. He says the leader can do five things to enhance his fulfilment in the middle of the organisation:

1.   Develop strong relationships with key influencers in the organisation.

2.  Define winning in terms of teamwork.

3.  Put the team’s success above his own success.

4.  Engage in continual communication with the organisation’s leaders.

5.  Accept responsibility and keep growing.


Biblical Case Study: Caleb (Numbers 13 and Joshua 14:6-15)

Caleb was Joshua’s friend and partner in ministry. Caleb was a man of great faith, courage, wisdom and devotion. When Joshua was named to succeed Moses as the top leader, Caleb did not complain that he had been overlooked. He continued to serve with excellence. Here are some lessons learned from Caleb:

1.  Leadership is not a matter of position, but disposition.

2.  Leadership is not a matter of age, but attitude.

3.  Devotion to duty will eventually be recognised.



  • Are you more committed to team success than to personal success? Explain.


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