DCL 3.2 Instruction | The Ego Challenge

Video Presentation: Todd Mullins, Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship, Florida

It’s normal for any person to want recognition, but leaders in the middle of the pack rarely get the credit or recognition they desire or deserve. This fact can be a real ego buster. The challenge is to be a team player and remain content while contributing.

Here are some suggestions for doing that:

1.  Focus more on your duties than on your dreams.

2.  Appreciate the value of your role in the organisation.

3.  Find satisfaction in knowing you did your job well.

4.  Remember that good leadership always gets noticed in due time.


Biblical Case Study: Joseph and the Chief Butler (Genesis 40:9-23)

The statement in Genesis 40:23 is quite heartbreaking. It reads: “Yet the chief butler did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.” How very painful this must have been for Joseph, but his servant’s heart surpassed his need for fair treatment or recognition.

1.  Joseph showed genuine concern for the other prisoners.

2.  Joseph interpreted the dream of the chief butler.

3.  Joseph proclaimed his innocence to the chief butler.

4.  Joseph asked the chief butler to intercede for him before Pharaoh.

5.  Joseph was forgotten by the man he befriended.

6.  Two years later Joseph received the recognition he deserved.



  • How can you find satisfaction in your work even if you do not receive the credit you deserve?


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