DCL 3.2 Inspiration | Exceptional Leadership at Every Level

Outline of Session

  • How to have leadership excellence at every level
  • “The change begins with me”
  • The three moves of Moses
  • Understanding your calling


Conference Session by T.D Jakes

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)



1.  Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away and implement and then discuss your answers with your team.


2.  Bishop Jakes talked about a commitment to “No More Empty Seats” in his congregation. If your church embraced this idea, what would you need to do to make it a reality? With your team, write down two or three next steps you could take to eliminate empty seats in your congregation.


3.  Bishop Jakes explained that leadership is about having the courage and the drive to make changes to the status quo. Make a list of the top ten changes you would like to make in your church or ministry. Then, pick two that you will commit to making in the next three months and circle them. Share your answers with the rest of your team.


4.  As you think about the stages or levels of leadership that Bishop Jakes discussed (with the people, in front of the people, above the people), where is your church or ministry? Write the stage you think you are in below and then answer the applicable question(s)

  • If your church or ministry is in the first stage, think about how “hands-on” you are as a leader with your people. Below, write down one or two ways you can be more with your congregation or volunteers.
  • If you church or ministry is in the second stage, how are you going about being out in front of or “separating” from your people and taking decisive action even when it might not be popular?  Below write down one or two areas where you could go in front of your volunteers or congregation to lead more effectively.
  •  If your church of ministry is in the third stage, think about how well you are going above your people.  Who are the Joshuas in your church? Write down their names and one or two ways you could keep them challenged and recognised in their roled.  Who are the Aarons in your church? Consider if you, as a leader, have adequate support to “keep your hands lifted high” and write down the names of two or three people who can assist you below.


5.  Review the notes and discussions from this session, and as a team, write down your team’s top one or two takeaways. Next, record what action step(s) should be taken as a result, as well as who will be responsible and the due date.


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