DCL 3.1 Meditation | Living Now

A message by John Ortberg.

John Ortberg suggests that the most dangerous word in the English language is ‘someday’. Everyone has probably said at some time or other, ‘Someday I will get around to….’.

We call this procrastination, which John defines as the failure to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. And the problem of living in such a way is that it robs you of living right now and you will miss God’s feel and touch in this moment and ultimately you will not become all that God has intended for you.

Listen now to John’s unpacking of procrastination and the steps you can take to overcome it.

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting)


Take time to reflect on what John has said. Perhaps ask God to highlight in your own heart and life one particular truth He wants you to hear.

Perhaps you need to offer God a prayer of confession because you know and recognise all too well that you have allowed time and days to slip by and they have not been ‘well spent’.

John shared some Biblical wisdom, exhorting us to ‘number our days’ and make them count. Take time to bring this before God and ask that He teach you to make every day count for His name’s sake and His purpose.


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