DCL 3.1 Instruction | The All-or-Nothing Myth

Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

The reality is that most leaders will never be the CEO. Does that mean they should just give up leading altogether? That’s what some people do. They have defined success as being “on top.” Because they are not at the top, they become disillusioned, bitter and cynical. They even become a hindrance to their organisa­tion.

You do not have to be the top leader to make a difference. As we have seen from biblical examples, it is not easy to lead from the middle, but it can be done! Becoming an effective 360 Degree Leader requires skills to lead the people above, beside, and below you. You can learn these skills, and you can learn to influence people at every level of your organisation – even if you never get to the top.

Biblical Case Study: Jonathan (1 Samuel 19:1-23:18)

Jonathan was the son of the king. He probably felt that he should follow his father to the throne. Even though he knew God had chosen David – and not him – to rule Israel, Jonathan remained faithful to his friend David until the end of his life. At great risk to himself, again and again Jonathan served David. Jona­than was available, dependable, vulnerable, and responsible. He teaches us many principles about leading and serving, even if we never have the highest position:

1.  Have faith and courage.

2.  Take initiative.

3.  Accept responsibility.

4.  Know the heart of the senior leader.

5.  Encourage the senior leader.

6.  Earn the trust of those above, beside, and below you.

7.  Serve and add value to others.

8.  Ably communicate the senior leader’s vision.

9.  Embrace the dreams of the senior leader.

10. Maintain a positive attitude.



  • What are some changes you will need to make in order to become an effective 360 Degree Leader?


Video Presentation: Tom Atema, VP of International Ministries and Strategic Partnerships, EQUIP

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Are you trapped by any of the seven myths discussed in this lesson? If so, which ones?


List three specific steps you can take to overcome these myths and become an effective 360 Degree Leader.



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