Lesson 1: The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organisation

You don’t have to be the main leader, asserts John Maxwell, to make significant impact in your organisation. Good leaders are not only capable of leading their followers but are also adept at leading their superiors and their peers.

Debunking myths and shedding light on the challenges, this course offers specific principles for Leading Down, Leading Up, and Leading Across. 360-Degree Leaders can lead effectively, regardless of their position in an organisation. By applying John Maxwell’s principles, you will expand your influence and ultimately be a more valuable team member.

Each lesson starts with a talk from Willow Creek and ends with a Willow Creek conference session. These are provided for reflection and inspiration.


Opening Thought and Prayer

The purpose of education is perhaps more about discovery than knowledge.
Lord, as I approach this material,
Help me to see myself as you see me,
Not as I want to be seen.