DCL 2.1 Meditation | God’s Greatest Dream

A message by John Ortberg.

John begins with Genesis 1 and 2 and identifies three main observations. First, God created human beings to bask in His community and live in His love. Second, God created the universe so that this community would have a wonderful place to live. Third, human beings are the climax of God’s creation. People matter to God.

(Try and make space to listen to this session in one sitting.)



Read Genesis 1:1. John suggests that these words are among the most controversial words ever written. Take a few moments to consider the incredible truth contained within these words and offer your adoration to God.

John made three observations about God’s greatest dream:

1. ‘Why did God create anything in the first place?’ Reflect on this question. John suggests that God’s aim in human history is the creation of an inclusive community of loving persons with Himself at their centre. Is that your aim and ambition as a leader?

2. God wanted His community to have a wonderful place to live. Take some time, be it now or on another occasion, to delight in what God has made. Maybe you might need to put some time in your diary and go to a place within His creation to better enable you to delight and worship Him.

3. The climax of creation is the creation of human beings. John suggests that we were created to add value to what God has made through our work. In what ways are you adding value to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, church etc?

Finish this time with thanksgiving to our creator God, whose dream was a loving community of human beings on planet earth with Himself at the centre- what an incredible vision!


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