DCL 2.1 Inspiration | The Cause: It’s All About People

Outline of Session

  • Always in the mind
  • Knowing the Father’s heart
  • Understanding eternal realities
  • Seeing the potential in people


Conference Session by Bill Hybels

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting.)


1. Personal reflection: Write down one key insight that you can personally take away.

2. Bill stated that “It’s all about people, it’s all that matters.” To what extent do you agree or disagree with that statement?

3. Bill emphasised that it was people who occupied the mind of Christ and he offered three reasons as to why this might be. He then issued challenges for each. Give consideration to these.

Reasons            Challenge
1. Jesus knew His Father’s heart better than anyone ever had.
  • Jesus demonstrated a radical inclusivity. Describe what would happen if we as individuals, leaders and churches became increasingly inclusive?
  • Do you share the Father’s heart in this regard?
2. Jesus understood eternal realities better than anyone else ever did.
  • Bill stressed that the longer that we walk with God and get to know His heart, the clearer we should be getting about impending eternal realities. Is that your experience?
  • How might we ‘get off mission’ in our leading of others? What can we do to avoid those pitfalls?
3. Jesus saw the potential in people better than anyone else ever did.
  • Jesus demonstrated an irrepressible optimism for people, because of the power of God. How would you ‘rate’ your levels of optimism, or faith, both personally and corporately as a leader in a local church? How might you seek to increase these?

4. Bill says that you can tell a lot about a person by what is occupying their thoughts.

Take a moment to reflect personally – what occupies the larger percentage of your thoughts these days? Where would people ‘rank’ in your thinking?

Why not finish this session with prayer suited to your response. If you are working with others, share your honest responses and pray for each other, and ask that God would enlarge your heart for people.


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