DCL 5.1 Inspiration | The Land Between

Outline of Session

  • The Land Between
  • The Israelites in the Land Between
  • Fertile Ground for Complaint
  • Fertile Ground for Emotional Breakdown
  • Fertile Ground for God’s Provision
  • Fertile Ground for God’s Discipline
  • Fertile Ground for Transformational Growth


Conference Session by Jeff Manion.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal Reflection:  Write down the key insight from this session that you can personally take away.


2.  In Numbers, chapter 11, Moses is leading Israel through the desert and he pours out his heart to God in frustration.  His words sound more like a rant than a prayer.  Are you, your ministry or your organisation passing through a season of severe difficulty?  Have you voiced your confusion and disappointment to God?  His shoulders are broad enough to bear whatever it is you have to say.

Write out exactly what you are experiencing.  Then, read your thoughts back to God as a prayer.


3.  Hope for the future is anchored in God’s faithfulness in the past.  If we think about it, we often can identify specific occasions when God has supplied exactly what was needed at exactly the right time.  Take a few minutes and write down examples of how the Father has provided for you in the past.


4.  Jeff Manion encouraged us to guard your heart.  The desert is fertile ground for complaint.  Is it possible your journey through the wilderness has resulted in a resentful or embittered spirit against God?    If so, perhaps you sense God’s corrective hand of discipline in your life.  In the book of Proverbs, we read:

My son, do not reject the discipline of the LORD

Or loathe His reproof,

For who the LORD loves He reproves,

Even as a father corrects the son in who he delights. (Proverbs 3:11-12)

If you are experiencing God’s loving hand of discipline, know that He desires this correction to return your heart to Him.  Take some time to write out a confession and to renew your commitment to God.


5.  When you are passing through a season of prolonged waiting, confusion or pain, more than anything, your Father wants to be trusted.  Perhaps the most powerful prayer you can offer are the three words, “I trust you.”  Could it be that not only is this the prayer God most desires to hear, but the prayer that your heart most desperately desires to pray?

  • Individually, take some time to meditate on and pray these words:  “I trust you.”  Then, record any whispers you may have from God during your prayer.
  • Jeff reminds us that trust evicts complaint.  As a team, how would you assess the spirit of complaint on your team right now?

If there’s no room for complaint on your team, talk about how trust has helped you deter complaint.  Or, if there’s more complaint among your team than you’d like, discuss how you might focus on trusting more.


6.  The wilderness is also fertile ground for transformational growth.  Jesus desires to redeem all things, nothing goes wasted.  Your decisions in this time will determine your future – your faith can either be strengthened, or die.

  • If you have experienced God’s provision in wilderness times, share your story with your team.
  • If you are currently in the wilderness and haven’t seen God’s provision yet, think about what provision you are hoping for and pray that you are open to receive whatever God would provide.  Ask God to use this troubling season to forge something that is good, beautiful and lasting.

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