DCL 4.1 Inspiration | Get Real With Yourself

Outline of Session

  • The value of authenticity
  • The eyes of an authentic person
  • The mouth of an authentic person
  • The hands of an authentic person
  • The feet of an authentic person
  • The church without masks


Conference Session by Nancy Beach.

(Try and make space to watch this video in one sitting)



1.  Personal Reflection: Write down the key insight from this session you can personally take away and implement. Then discuss your answers with your team.


2.  Every arts ministry needs to operate according to values that are shared among staff and volunteers. While all the values are important, there are generally a few which rise to the top as most vital for each particular church. In this exercise, your team will determine what your top values are, and if you are satisfied with them.  As a group, try to come to consensus about your top three values (what they ARE, not what you WANT them to be) and circle them on the list below. Use the ten that Nancy provided or change the list and add/subtract any that you wish.

  • Intentionality
  • Leadership
  • Community
  • Evaluation
  • Well-ordered hearts and lives
  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Transcendent moments
  • Transformational teaching
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________
  • Other: _________________________

When you’ve finished, decide as a group if the values you circled are the values you WANT to be in your top three. If so, celebrate together. If not, determine one or two next steps your team needs to make in order to begin shifting towards the new value(s). Write them below:


3.  Personal Reflection: Take about ten minutes to journal below and answer the question “How real am I?” Think through how authentic you are in your ministry relationships, work relationships, family relationships, and even with yourself. If the group feels comfortable doing so, go around the circle when you’ve finished writing and share what you discovered about yourself.


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