I Was Made For This – Leaders on Their Calling: Tony Hodges

Inspiration For Your Calling

Part of discovering and living out your calling is gaining inspiration from others who are fulfilling their own – even more so in the moments we question what we are doing and why. Sometimes, just hearing another’s story is what we need to gain fresh perspective on our own. 

Through these Grander Vision webinars, you will… 

  • Hear from other leaders on what they are doing and why – and how they are going about it
  • Be inspired and encouraged in your own calling
  • Be stimulated by new ideas and gain insights for your own situation


Guest Speaker, Tony Hodges

This Grander Vision webinar features Tony Hodges, former Businessman and founder of City Vision. Tony is facilitating city transformation by bringing together Christian leaders across multiple sectors. Focusing on spiritual, social and economic uplift, Tony’s vision is to help Christians steward their influence together in the centres of influence.

Watch this webinar and gain fresh inspiration through Tony’s story.

Key Competencies Covered

This webinar covered the key competencies coloured in red:

Leading Yourself
Leading Others
Leading Organisations
Calling Collaboration Change Management
Character Communication Church and Faith Based
Complex Thinking Conflict Management Culture
Confidence Diversity Decision Making
Emotional Intelligence Influence Execution
Learning Agility Leadership Development Human Resources
Productivity Performance Management Meetings
Relationship with God Relational Intelligence Process
Replenishment Servant Leadership Resource Allocation
Resilience Supervising People Strategy
Wellness Team Building Vision


  • What is ONE THING you are going to change as a result of this session?