Closing the Gap Between the Church and the World

  • By stepping out of the upper room Acts 2:14
  • By standing out and becoming visible as a believer Acts 2:14
  • By speaking out Acts 2:15-41

Stepping Out

The “mission before the mission” is about preparing to move your fellowship into that place where they are more excited about the future than the past . It has to be prayed out and this has to be done at every stage of missionary outreach (whatever the scale). Look at Numbers 13 and 14. As God’s people stood on the brink of the Promised Land (for the first time) they were faced with three things to consider:

  • The memories of what God had already done for them in the past (Num 13:9)
  • The need to look past the obvious barriers in their way to see what God was waiting to do for them in the future (Nums 13:27-30)
  • The taste they had been given of their future while they were still in the wilderness (Nums 13:23-25)
  • Caleb and Joshua were ready to move, not so the rest

Being Visible

Kate’s challenge:

  • Do your workmates, neighbours know you are a Christian?
  • Would your church be missed if it was not there?
  • Do you try to bless your community?

Speaking out

Peter had a choice in Acts 2:14, to speak or remain silent. It says that he had to raise his voice to be heard (an act of obedience) but look at the result!

  • Without that sermon what would have been the outcome? (Romans 10:14-15)

Be open to what the Holy Spirit asks you to do and He will equip you.

Jesus sent out the 70 in Luke 10:1-24 and told them they were like lambs among wolves (being thrown in at the deep end) but look at how they came back (10:17) and I doubt they had been on much outreach training before they went out!