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Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 2

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead

How did you discover your core passion of speaking, coaching and training? What was the process? How long did it take to reach that point? And how has this informed and shaped your coaching of others as they seek to fulfil their passion and purpose? What would you say to anyone who feels stuck or uncertain?

I uncovered my core passion of speaking, coaching and training on leadership in a ‘Chazown Experience’ session run by Life.Church.*  We explored our past experiences in light of God’s purpose for our lives.  It helped me see that everything I have done, I have taught – everything I have done well, that is.   

I love to help people learn, but even more I love to help people change.  Far beyond gaining knowledge or obtaining a qualification, the most rewarding experience for me is to see someone doing something differently or more effectively as a result of my input.

I discovered in my early career that engineers are really good with things but not always so good with people – you can manage things, but that you need to lead people. This was where my passion for leadership developed.  Often the difference between success and failure came down to leading people well. You can get the best out of others when you help move them from “have to” to “want to.” People inspire themselves to be great in this kind of environment. 

Uncovering your core passion takes time.  For me, the process started with the Chazown Experience but continued over the following months as I worked through the implications.  It took a few months for it to sink in and for the result to emerge. That’s when my life and career took a new direction in teaching and training. My new was mission to help leaders and teams maximise their effectiveness and I started developing speaking, teaching, coaching and training resources. 

Feeling stuck or uncertain is a very challenging place to find yourself in.  I have been there.  Finding new direction and purpose has been incredibly invigorating and energising.  I would encourage everyone to uncover their vision and direction – their ‘Chazown.’ Don’t settle for less. Don’t become complacent with today. Find someone who can help you, and maybe find someone to work with you through some of the Chazown material. 

*Life.Church have developed a program called “the Chazown Experience”.  Chazown is a Hebrew word for “vision, dream, or revelation,” and the Chazown Experience is a small group study designed to bring people face to face with God’s vision or purpose for their lives. The material is free of charge:


About Roger

Roger is a leadership specialist delivering Leadership for Business Achievement through Speaking, Training and Coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“He is articulate, tracks complex issues with ease and has an incredible gift for raising pearls of wisdom out of the murky depths of people and process.” His passion is to help people to learn effective leadership skills to lead their teams to capitalize on their strengths and passions to realize their dreams.

Leadership for Business also invests into the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities to offer them small loans that empower them to invest in their future, to provide for their families and give back to their communities.

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