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Life and Leadership – Tracee McAtear – 1

Tracee McAtearInterview series from 2019 with church leader, Tracee McAtear.

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?

I have been blessed to have so many mentors/leaders that have had an impact in my life.  One of the first was a pastor from the church I grew up in.  Her name was Delma Geary, she was the first ordained woman in the AoG in the state of New South Wales.  

Delma modelled what it was to work hard to pioneer new ground in ministry while juggling her marriage and family.  This included caring for two sons with muscular dystrophy.  My mother worked closely with her and I had a lot of access to Delma and her family.  

She recognised the leadership gift in my life at a young age. She encouraged me to eat all of my vegetables, as I would need to be strong if I was going to be a missionary! I had never even thought about being a missionary!

Delma impacted many in Australia and beyond and continued to be active in her work right until when she went to be with Jesus last year at the age of 83. I remember her as joyful and faithful. 

Delma’s lasting impact on me was that she normalised women in ministry for me.  She was a great leader and effective in her work and I grew up thinking it was normal for women to be in ministry if that’s what God had called and gifted them to do. As a result I grew up without limitations of what women could or couldn’t do. I hope I have the same kind of impact on the young women watching me.

About Tracee

Tracee is the Executive Pastor of Connect Church in Birmingham UK. Tracee is passionate about effectively stewarding resources to release greater vision and impact not only in her own church, but across the Kingdom of God.  A former mathematics teacher, Tracee has learned that faith requires action beyond calculations.  Tracee moved to the UK with her husband Kirk, son Josiah & daughter Ruby, 11 years ago from Australia to undertake a big faith adventure.  They have fallen in love with the people of Birmingham but still occasionally miss Tim Tam biscuits.

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Life and Leadership

–is an interview series with leaders involved in the Global Leadership Network and the Global Leadership Summit. Interview by Will Salmon.