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Life and Leadership – Roger Fairhead – 5

Interview series with leadership specialist, Roger Fairhead

So would you say that you are now living out your calling?

Finding your fit involves finding what doesn’t fit. Recently I went to my local gents outfitters to purchase a new suit (my old one had shrunk!). At the store, the outfitter prepared several suits for me to try on, first the jackets, then the trousers, and finally the waistcoat.  Each had a different style, cut, colour and pattern. When I first tried the one that I eventually bought, it immediately looked and felt “right”.  The outfitter had me double check with other suits before making the purchase, but he and I kept coming back to the one that is hanging in my wardrobe right now. It just fits. And It feels the same way with my current role as a leadership speaker, coach and trainer.  It just fits.

If people want to make a change, it takes a bit of work to find out the best approach. Just like the outfitter checked a few options with me before settling on the final choice, I love to explore what will be the best solution for a client to learn and implement the changes they need to make.

There are some starter questions you can employ if you want to make a change. One of my favourite ways to start exploring a relationship with a new client is to ask them: “What is your greatest leadership challenge right now?” and “What would success look like?” We then work to form a suitable program to address their challenges.

When pursuing your dream or uncovering your calling, feedback is gold. I initially spent a couple of years  developing my ideas and my speaking skills. Then I started sharing those ideas with local clients through leadership talks and workshops.  This lead to the feedback I was looking for and confirmed that I was adding value through my work. It gave me confidence to continue.

It’s important to be aware of your values in the pursuit of your goals. For some 15 years I had a career as a sales manager selling a high value secure database solution. I once heard a client say to their colleagues when they thought I was out of earshot, “No, he’s not trying to sell something, he’s trying to help us.”  It is my goal for every potential client to say that of me today when I discuss working with them.

About Roger

Roger is a leadership specialist delivering Leadership for Business Achievement through Speaking, Training and Coaching to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“He is articulate, tracks complex issues with ease and has an incredible gift for raising pearls of wisdom out of the murky depths of people and process.” His passion is to help people to learn effective leadership skills to lead their teams to capitalize on their strengths and passions to realize their dreams.

Leadership for Business also invests into the dreams of families in the world’s underserved communities to offer them small loans that empower them to invest in their future, to provide for their families and give back to their communities.

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Life and Leadership

– is an interview series with leaders involved in the Global Leadership Network and the Global Leadership Summit. Interview by Will Salmon.