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Lessons For Young Leaders: You Can’t Do it all Yourself – Russell Wyles

One of the key lessons I learned as a young leader was that I cannot do it all myself. Recognising that there were others that could – and would – engage in ministry with me and under my leadership was a real revelation. It also opened my heart to the possibility of nurturing others – some of whom were older and very likely wiser than me. In developing others I was learning from them as well. The time that was released by getting others involved allowed me to take a bigger view of where we were heading in ministry as a church and to cast the vision wider and in ways that I could not when involved in the detail of ministry.

The bonus of engaging others in ministry that I could do myself was the second revelation that my way was not the only way and occasionally it wasn’t even the best way! The win was across the board – the church gained a pastor with greater vision, the pastor gained time to develop that vision, and more people were empowered in their own area of gifting.

Russell Wyles, The Salvation Army