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Lessons For Young Leaders: You Are Never Too Young To Start – Jason Shiels

Firstly I would say that you are never to young to start leading! That is because leadership is more about ‘who’ you are primarily than ‘what you do or which position you hold’ (secondly). The latter is an outflow of the former. This is not semantics. This is crucial to your destiny. Invest in reading the Word, developing a private devotional life and in being a blessing wherever you are based. Shining and serving happen naturally when your heart is in the right place with God. I believe young leaders need to learn faithfulness in ‘little’ and to see this as part of their worship. As a consistency develops God makes more room for giftings and calling to emerge and develop. I believe having good doctrine is another important dimension to Christian leadership. Someone once said ‘Leaders are readers’, Paul put it like this ‘Study to show yourself appoved’. The necessity of learning to walk in the Spirit cannot be underestimated. Become a Christian ‘being’ who ‘does’, not a Christian ‘doing’ who has no time to ‘be’ or relate to God or man.

As you learn to walk with the Spirit deliberately you will produce fruit accidentally and become a blessing wherever you go! Leadership is about example and putting wisdom into practise. As such, having honest and accountable relationships with mature mentors/leaders is also a major key. Keeping Christ and His Gospel central in your life is surely what God is after in His leaders, young or old, so waste no more time and ‘keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of your faith’

Jason Shiels



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    Cool! Thank you for posting it–its amazing and inspiring truth