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Lessons For Young Leaders: The Church is Like a Bus – Tony Peters

The Church is like a Bus

One of the most freeing lessons I learnt and embraced a few years ago was that ‘The Church is like a Bus’. People get on and need to get off at different destinations. So the trick is to love and appreciate every one that gets on without thinking of them as belonging to you. Because in reality, they belong to God and He can decide to move them at any time to where they need to be.

Every time I’ve ignored this truth, I’ve felt abandoned and betrayed by people I laboured for the most. Every time I’ve remembered it, I’ve found myself lovingly releasing people from our Church Family with the best of wishes and a genuine appreciation of the times God gave us together.

Believe me when I say that that’s where leaders need to be as people come and go.

In short, the Holy Spirit positions people where they need to be and I need to be okay with that, even if it’s not in our Church.

Tony Peters



  • James Lawrence

    Like the analogy Tony. Having that attitude makes such a difference when it comes to developing leaders.