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Lessons For Young Leaders: Making Young Peoples’ Dreams Come True (1) – Richard Davies

Since 1972 I have had a wide range of leadership roles, in Industry, In marriage & Home, in Church and in leading OWN IT, a small charity based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

I thought I’d share a few stories and principles that I have come to use as a result of the journey I have been on. This present list is of great value to us in OWN IT because leadership involves working with and leading a team.

First Story:

AA did not attend school and lived in a poor area of Newcastle with just her mother. Serious bullying drove AA to attempt suicide, only surviving through her mother’s intervention. During her time with OWN IT AA enjoyed her two work placements at a hairdresser and a local primary school. AA is now confident, enjoying life and studying Health Care at Newcastle College. Both AA and her mother cite the OWN IT program as key to AA’s renewed hope and the turnaround of her circumstances. AA commented “Since OWN IT started helping me I have got my life back, I’ve got a job and I’ve got reason to live”.

Leadership principles to share with young leaders:

1. Push for High Quality Communication
2. Bring Talent to the Team
3. Play Your Position
4. Turn Diversity to the Team’s Advantage
5. Back Up Others Who Need Help
6. Practice
7. Be Prepared to Sacrifice for the Team
8. Help New Teammates Make Entry
9. Play Down Yourself and Build Up Others
10. Spend Time With Your Teammates
11. Help Drive Discipline Into the Group
12. Make Sure You Make a Difference
13. Give Attention to Group Process
14. Help Create a Climate of Trust
15. Strengthen the Leader Through Good Followership
16. Be a Good Sport

More to follow…

…but in the meantime, I hope these comments are helpful for you, should you have any more questions or enquiries, please let me know.

Every Blessing

Richard Davies MBE (Founder & Chief Executive Officer)
All Saints Church of England College Trust
West Denton Way
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 267 7036 ext 147
Email: richard@ownit-limited.org

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  • Ray Tolley

    Leadership principles:
    17. Be aware of the trust accorded to leadership
    (particularly in terms of inappropriate behaviors or misconduct)