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Lessons For Young Leaders: Find a Mentor and Stay Humble – Barbara Kirby

I’ve worked with Young People for around 40 years, and as I get older the age of that category extends as well! It has mostly been voluntary as churches didn’t employ people to do Youth work when I started, and then it was too restrictive for what I was doing in later years.

One of the things I would say, even before I read James’ blog, is to find a mentor and learn from them. It’s the way Jesus taught the disciples and the way Jewish Rabbi’s taught. The only differences were that disciples sought out Rabbi’s to follow, and Jesus chose his own (least likely men and women, if you include Mary) to disciple.

It may not necessarily be a qualified leader, but someone the Young Leader can relate to or admires. It may be following from a distance, or a close mentoring relationship, but find someone to consistantly learn from.

AND above all…. remain humble. Humility earns respect. You don’t know everything, you can’t DO everything and sometimes you can learn from the old ways and adapt them to suit new situations! Serve with others as a body of Christ, or as a corporation.

I hope this helps?

Barbara Kirby



  • James Lawrence

    So true about the humility aspect of all this Barbara.