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GLS 2015 Team Edition USB – FAQs


The GLS 2015 TE USB includes TWO methods of viewing the GLS 2015 sessions:
  1. USB card
  2. Online streaming at digitalteamedition.com until 31 December 2018. (Access code provided.)

(Note, you do NOT need to insert the USB card in order to access the online streaming. The instructions on the inside cover of the set refer only to the online streaming option.)


How do I play the TE USB?
  • Insert USB card into your computer’s USB socket
  • Depending upon your computer this may open up a new window or it may not
  • If it does open up a new window, select ‘Open folder to view files’ and then, once in the folder, double-click the ‘PLAY-2015TE’ icon
    GLS 2015 USB Icon - PLAY-2015TE
  • If it does not open up a new window, go to ‘My Computer’ (Windows) or ‘Finder’ (Mac)
  • In your drive listings (usually left hand column), select ‘2015 SUMMIT’
  • Double-click the ‘PLAY-2015TE’ icon


For a demo, please watch this video:


What does the GLS 2015 TE USB include?

It includes:

  • 13 main session talks and interviews from the GLS 2015
  • 4 bonus ‘Grander Vision’ short videos
  • Session outlines and discussion questions for team process and next steps

It does not include artistic elements featured before, after or during the main sessions at the GLS Chicago or GLS UK & Ireland. For example, the worship elements included in the interview with Brian Houston are not included.


Having compatibility issue with the latest OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) release?

Please download and install the Flux Player from the link below. Once installed, you should be able to use the content directly from the stick as expected.


If you still get a Media Authentication Error after installing the update, click the Support Information button under that error and then click Contact support. Then enter your email, check the box under the email field, and press the Send button.


My TE USB doesn’t work. What can I do?

If you do experience any other problems, then choose Contact support from the Help menu in the Flux Player. Describe the problem, enter your email, check the box under the email field, and press the Send button.


Can I play the TE USB on my TV?

The USB can only be used on your computer. If you want to be able to view the GLS 2015 on your TV, you may wish to consider the GLS Team DVD set instead of the USB set.


Any other questions?

Please call us on 023 8071 0295 or email info@globalleadershipnetwork.org.uk